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Terms and conditions

Our Commitment

Stark & Forte (S&F) has grown into a well-known, trusted and respected brand and strives to continue with its high standards of customer service.  Your S&F Merchandise is crafted with the highest quality material and the finest craftsmanship and in support of our continued commitment and integrity carries the warranty as contained herein.


Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee

Your S&F Merchandise enjoys a lifetime authenticity guarantee. In order to claim this guarantee, you have to register your S+F product here. 


Returns and Exchange policy

You are entitled to return your S&F Merchandise within 5 days after purchase or breakage; subject to:

  1. The S&F Merchandise (either in its original form or all pieces thereof in case of breakage) is accompanied with the original sales receipt, packaging and this warranty card.

  2. The S&F Merchandise number and detail corresponds with the description in this warranty card.

  3. THE S&F Merchandise be returned to us directly or at any of our authorised dealerships.

  4. In the event the return of your S&F Merchandise is not due to breakage, the S&F Merchandise must be saleable and free of any defects or wear and tear.

  5. In the event of breakage, a full disclosure of the cause of breakage accompanies the return.

  6. All refunds will be made by means of electronic fund transfer into your personal bank account; provided that we retain the right to reverse any purchases made by means of debit or credit card; further, provided that the original debit or credit card is made available by you to effect such reversal.

  7. All refunds are subject to our bankers confirming receipt of funds, alternatively ourselves being satisfied that the monies paid by you are available for refund.

  8. All cost and expenses incurred by you for purposes of returning the S&F Merchandise to us and/or for collecting the same from us will be for your account.

  9. We reserve the right to:

  • Only issue you with merchandise similar to the S&F Merchandise damaged and returned to us; provided that we are satisfied that the cause of the return or substitution is covered in terms hereof;

  • Effect repairs to the S&F Merchandise if same in our sole and absolute discretion is reasonable and sufficient;

  • Return the S&F Merchandise if we do not replace or repair the same as per our policy.


  1. S&F Merchandise or any replacements thereof not collected by you within 30 days may be sold to defray costs.

  2. It remains your responsibility to ensure your S&F Merchandise as this warranty does not cover losses unless specified herein.

  3. Neither we nor any person in our employ or associated with us will be liable for any loss suffered by you.

  4. Damage and/or breakage to the S&F Merchandise as a result of heavy wear and/or wear and tear is not guaranteed herein. 

  5. This Warranty and the terms hereof shall be null and void should any other persons repair or modify the S&F Merchandise.

  6. This warranty will be applicable to any replacement merchandise issued by us; provided that the details and description of the replacement merchandise be inserted herein; provided that we retain the right to issue a new warranty card in respect of such replacement merchandise.

Customer Service

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please contact us by email:

Return Policy
Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee
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