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More About Stark + Forte Products.


Stark + Forte Men's Rings are made of a combination between tungsten and ceramic, or ceramic only.

Your S&F Merchandise is crafted with the highest quality material and the finest craftsmanship and in support of our continued commitment and integrity, carries a lifetime warranty. 

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Tungsten can be combined with carbon to form tungsten carbide - which is known for its incredible strength. Tungsten rings are incredibly hard, allowing them to last extremely long, and it also makes them very resistant to fading and scratching. Since tungsten rings cannot bend, they are also easier to remove in case of an emergency, as they can be broken off safely (unlike gold and other metals).

Ceramic rings are typically made of titanium carbide which provides incredible hardness and is virtually scratch-resistant. Ceramic rings are wear-resistant and non-metallic. Another benefit of ceramics is that they are light-weight and crack-resistant. Since they do not contain metals, like copper and cobalt, that are known to cause skin reactions, it gives our rings hypoallergenic properties. 

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